The 28 Day Marriage Challenge

marriage challenge
Welcome to the 28 Day Marriage challenge (HIS version). This is the first book of a two-part set. The HERS version is available as well, and you can find it here. I recommend you having both books before starting the system.

The system is designed to help reboot your relationship and bring healthy changes to it. There are 28 different focuses in the book, one for each day of the month. Each focus pertains to aspects of life that involve relationships, ranging from love to forgiveness. From laughter to respect.
Unlike most marriage books that are meant to be read together, this system takes a slightly different approach. Rather than you and your spouse reading the exact same pages each day, you’ll have daily challenges that are different from each other’s.
However, the differences in your readings will complement each other. On the day that it’s your turn to focus on apologizing, your spouse will be focusing on forgiveness. When it’s your spouse’s turn to focus on sharing something new with you, it’ll be your turn to focus on being a good listener.
I recommend you each reading your daily focuses in the morning. Then, you’ll have the entire day to reflect on them. You may even want to include them with your morning Bible readings. This may be the easiest way to fit them into your daily regimen. Getting them done early gives you time to develop your thoughts throughout the day and ensure they are filtered, carefully weighed and then expressed in the best possible way.
The beauty in this system is that it prepares your hearts to gracefully handle important subjects… subjects that might not otherwise happen naturally or be easy to discuss. While your spouse is preparing to share a new story with you, what better could you do than focus on being a good listener? Or while it’s your goal to express remorse for one of your mistakes, what better could she do than prepare her heart for forgiveness? That’s exactly what this system does.
I also recommend that you each focus only on your own daily readings. Try not to focus on what the other is reading. That could be distracting, and it might keep you from reaching the best possible results. Remember that whatever subject you’re covering for the day is related in some way to what your spouse is reading.
Also, keep in mind that each day’s focus has a Scriptural base… a related Bible verse that can be a part of your daily reading or devotionals. The best direction for any relationship is one that is in line with God’s Word.
You don’t have to start this program at the beginning of the month. It can begin at any time. No matter what day it is, just go to the readings that correspond to whichever day of the month it is. It’s that easy!
There are 28 in all. That’s so the system is small enough to fit into even the shortest month of the year. So keep in mind… most months will have at least a few days with no assigned readings. This may actually be a nice period to take a break before starting again.
And I recommend, you do start again. It’s simple, extremely beneficial, and the material is timeless. Why not keep going? I sincerely believe that if you take these practices seriously, there’s no way your relationship won’t benefit from it. I hope you enjoy this system. Let’s begin!