Surprising catches… Cisco chain of lakes

So I happened to be up near the border of Wisconsin and Michigan, along the Brule river. I actually was right on the Brule river – about 50 feet from it. I tried fishing from the bridge into the Brule numerous times in my few days there, but nothing. Not even a bite. Not even a ripple on the water’s surface to reveal any signs of life. I got in my car and drove around, exploring a few nearby lakes. I couldn’t find any good spots (at least not from shore, and without knowledge of how these lakes are properly fished).

I happened to notice a large cluster of lakes just West of me, called the Cisco Chain of lakes. I hopped in my car and headed on over. The chain bordered the state line. Half in WI, half in MI. If I stuck to the lower half, my WI fishing license would work. So, that’s what I did. I found a little area near the southern part of the chain, near a place called Bent’s resort. Due to my recent unsuccessful attempts to catch fish, I wasn’t expecting much.

I went into the bait store, and the guy there said that people weren’t having much luck today. No good reports. I asked him if you could catch anything from shore. He said that I probably wouldn’t. You need a boat. You need to be out at the right time of day. You need to know the depths, yada yada yada. I acknowledged him and smiled and walked outside to the dock behind his bait shop. He gave me a look like I was crazy.

On my very first cast, I caught this 17″ walleye.

On my next cast, a 26″ northern. Then, three more northern pike of about the same size. The man in the bait shop looked out and said, “Whoa… not bad.”

I wanted to keep it, but didn’t have a measuring tape, and wasn’t 100% sure about the regulation/keeping size. Those walleyes make mean filets.

That being said, I have to say that it was a really good and unexpected experience. I would gladly go back to the Cisco chain of lakes. Anybody been there? Would love to hear your comments. Feel free to drop a line or say something beneath the article.