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HOW TO STOP ARGUING Marriage problems Essentially, this is your “all-in-one-guide” to putting those pesky arguments to rest. You know… the ones that spoil every date night, every family night, and every car-ride to and from church (or wherever). BOOK DESCRIPTION: In today’s world, a surprising amount of friendships, businesses, and marriages are failing, simply because two or more people cannot figure out how to be at peace. Arguing is the culprit, leading to precious time being wasted, bitterness, polarization of views, and it usually doesn’t even solve a problem. Time is precious. In fact, is our most valuable resource. Let’s quit wasting our precious days, hours and minutes with pointless bickering. You (and your loved ones) deserve much better! Any step you take towards peace and harmony will have a dramatic return-on-investment in the relationships that matter most to you! This book covers: – Argument prevention. – Important and essential truths about arguing and more. – Constructive alternatives to arguing. – Tips and examples of how you can stop arguments that have already begun. R E V I E W S – “This was eye opening how arguing is a result of me not always other! Now time to take what I’ve learned back into my life. This book was absolutely worth the time and effort to better no one except myself! I am worthy of that time and effort!” – Amazon customer “It’s very conversational. I didn’t realize how argumentative I am. I jump on minor inaccuracies and miss the overall message and I think it’s created a lot of needless drama in my relationships. Really good stuff.” – Amazon customer “Wow, this really helped me and my partner out! We were having a hard time communicating, but this book saved us from ending it all! Thank you!!!” Link to the book HERE If you are looking to Buy online Stop arg¬uing book, look no further! Here, you can Buy online Stop arg¬uing book. At times, we’ve all thought of looking to Buy online Stop arg¬uing book. Now, it’s time to stop waiting. Finally, the chance has arrived to Buy online Stop arg¬uing book!]]>