Something is missing, and my heart has been on a quest to find it. At times I’ve wanted to

downplay my hurts, because it would have been easier to believe they aren’t real. But if they aren’t real, then there is nothing real that could heal them. No water that could quench them… no life that could revive them. To deny my wounds, would also be to deny the very possibility of joy. I’ve realized that joy never comes by denying our pain or running from it. It comes from going deep into the emptiness and into those wounded parts of ourselves. Something is missing, and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it means we aren’t crazy for feeling so empty. It means… there is hope.
~ C Kruse
Hey everyone. I’ve written a book about the challenges of Christian living. Losing sight of what matters. Feeling like God is distant, and sometimes, feeling depressed, empty and alone. Some of us look like we’re doing well, but inside, we’re barely holding on. This book delves into the questions we all ask, and attempts to help you find the majesty in the mundane – the divine in the daily grind.
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