Oconomowoc Fishing – These were the fish I caught in (or near) Oconomowoc in the last year.

So, I thought I would post some of my recent fishing pics. These were all caught in Oconomowoc area (no that’s not a typo).  One was caught in Dousman, WI.

There’s a small bridge I go to that’s about 15 min from my house. I do really well there – better, in fact, than when I drive hours to find what I thought would be a good spot. This place never ceases to amaze me. I’ve caught some of the best smallies of my life here. The northern aren’t bad either.

Now, it wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike of me to share the EXACT location. So, for now, this will hopefully suffice as inspiration to get out there with your pole.

I keep mine in the trunk of my car, and these catches were all made whilst driving from home to work/work to home, or on short breaks from housework. It can be done… even with a hectic schedule!