Marriage Communication Books

MARRIAGE IS WORK #Marriageiswork Here is a practical manual for marriage. Wait… did your marriage not come with one? Join the club! Now, it’s up to us to figure out the stuff that nobody ever explained to us. Marriage Is Work. Here is the job description! BOOK DESCRIPTION Going by the high percentage of divorces today, a shocking number of couples decide that marriage is too much work, and that they no longer are willing or able to keep at the job. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s too late to try to save yours. Or, maybe you’ve just wanted to make a great relationship even better. Whatever the case, you will be rewarded by investing in your marriage (or relationship). Welcome to MARRIAGE IS WORK – A practical approach to conflict resolution, communication skills, and dealing with marital stress. THIS BOOK COVERS: – Timeless marriage advice from couples who’ve been married for decades. – Conflict resolution strategies. – Communication problems and solutions. – Apologies (and forgiveness). – Acceptance of your spouse for who he/she is. – Difficult people and situations. – Caring for a relationship. – Simple principles that are easy to apply, and that any couple can benefit from. R E V I E W S “It reassured me that it’s okay for relationships to struggle here and there, and gave some helpful tips on getting through things and getting back to that “happy place” again.” – Amazon Customer. “This book has helped me and my wife through hard times an incredible peace of writing that is as riveting as insightful.” – Amazon Customer. “This was a good, practical book. A marriage manual that discussed a lot of important topics. Would recommend.” – Amazon Customer. Link to the book HERE]]>