If You Were Going Into The Wilderness For 1 Week With Just A Backpack, What Would You Put In It?

If you were going to disappear into the wilderness for one week with nothing but a backpack, what would you fill it with?  Today, that is the question I ponder.     I’m looking down at an empty backpack in the trunk of my car, knowing I’ll need clothes, water, food… the essentials.  A sleeping bag (or two), a tent… and oh yes… fishing gear!   I’ll be traveling with a small group (myself and three others) up to the Boundary Waters in Ely MN.  It is a region of wilderness that runs along the US/Canadian border, where it’s not uncommon to see moose, eagles and curious black bears, scavenging for whatever they can get their claws on.     We’ll be gone for a week’s time, from Sunday the 15th to Sunday the 21st.  Hopefully, the fishing will be good.  I’ve been to the Boundary Waters once before, and am excited to once again see the endless bodies of clear water, bordered by rocky shorelines and tufts of scraggly pines.     I know that rarely will I get a chance to do something so cool.  Life is busy, and it seems we all fight for chances to relax in it.  So, I hope to utilize this as a chance to recharge my heart’s battery and gain a bit of clarity.  I believe it will happen naturally when I’m in those untouched parts of God’s creation.     I hope to journal as I go and keep you filled in if you’d like to follow along.  I hope it’s an adventure we can share together.  So, stay tuned for more.     As for now, I need to figure out what else to put into this sack!-   Caleb ]]>