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This is a fun, helpful guide that goes over 10 key things you should do (or stop doing) in order to become a less-defensive person. Do you get a little bit touchy? Find out what that means. And, what you can do to change your relationships for the better!


Defensiveness Is A Relationship Killer!!!
Could it be threatening YOUR relationships? That depends…
Do you sometimes personalize matters that aren’t personal? Do you feel your own sense of self-esteem rising whenever you are praised, or diminishing whenever you are criticized? Are you good at spotting the offenses in other people’s words? Do you commonly assume to know what others are thinking? Do you dodge blame whenever a finger gets pointed at you? Do you commonly think and act before speaking? Is it important for you to be right during an argument? Do you handle unfairness by being unfair back to those who have wronged you?
Of course, our goal in asking you these questions isn’t to imply that your relationship problems are solely yours. They very well may be due to the defensiveness of other people. Perhaps there are certain people in your life who are defensive, and YOU would just like to know how to deal with them. Is that the case?
Do you sometimes find it difficult working with certain people? Do you find your blood pressure rising during your conversations with them? Do some people seem to continually step on a nerve? How do you deal with them? What changes can you alone make that will equip you to be a more steady collaborator?
Welcome to 10 Ways To Make Sure You Never Stop Being Defensive. We will discuss many things about defensiveness and the ways we can overcome it. Get ready to delve into a subject that is interesting, beneficial and rarely talked about!


  • Descriptions of defensive behavior.
  • Explanations of WHY people act defensively.
  • How to spot defensiveness in yourself.
  • Habits you may already have that KEEP YOU acting defensively.
  • Tips and techniques to END your defensive behavior.
  • Discussions on dealing with difficult/defensive people.


“C Kruse has a lot of insight and does a great job of sharing that wisdom in a practical way that is easy to understand. This book is definitely worth the read!”
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“Brilliant write ! Hits home. Something one can go back and read and be reminded! It was very personal for me. Very relatable. The style in which he wrote captured my attention. Well done!”
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“Awesome read! Really made me rethink how I act on a daily basis. Highly recommend it!”
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