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BOOK #1 – HOW TO STOP ARGUING [caption id="attachment_1365" align="alignnone" width="191"]Marriage problems Self help book for couples[/caption] Essentially, this is your “all-in-one-guide” to putting those pesky arguments to rest. You know… the ones that spoil every date night, every family night, and every car-ride to and from church (or wherever). BOOK DESCRIPTION: In today’s world, a surprising amount of friendships, businesses, and marriages are failing, simply because two or more people cannot figure out how to be at peace. Arguing is the culprit, leading to precious time being wasted, bitterness, polarization of views, and it usually doesn’t even solve a problem. Time is precious. In fact, is our most valuable resource. Let’s quit wasting our precious days, hours and minutes with pointless bickering. You (and your loved ones) deserve much better! Any step you take towards peace and harmony will have a dramatic return-on-investment in the relationships that matter most to you! This book covers: – Argument prevention. – Important and essential truths about arguing and more. – Constructive alternatives to arguing. – Tips and examples of how you can stop arguments that have already begun. R E V I E W S – “This was eye opening how arguing is a result of me not always other! Now time to take what I’ve learned back into my life. This book was absolutely worth the time and effort to better no one except myself! I am worthy of that time and effort!” – Amazon customer “It’s very conversational. I didn’t realize how argumentative I am. I jump on minor inaccuracies and miss the overall message and I think it’s created a lot of needless drama in my relationships. Really good stuff.” – Amazon customer “Wow, this really helped me and my partner out! We were having a hard time communicating, but this book saved us from ending it all! Thank you!!!” Link to the book HERE BOOK # 2 – MARRIAGE IS WORK [caption id="attachm­ent_1189" align="ali­gnnone" width="212"]­#Marriageiswo­rk Marriage is wo­rk[/caption] Here is a practical manual for marriage. Wait… did your marriage not come with one? Join the clu­b! Now, it’s up to us to figure out the stuff that nobody ev­er explained to us. Marriage Is Work. Here is the job descr­iption! BOOK DESCRIP­TION Going by the high pe­rcentage of divorces today, a shocking number of couples dec­ide that marriage is too much work, and that they no longer are willing or able to keep at the job. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s too late to try to save yours. Or, maybe yo­u’ve just wanted to make a great relatio­nship even better. Whatever the case, you will be rewarded by investing in your marriage (or relati­onship). Welcome to MAR­RIAGE IS WORK – A pr­actical approach to conflict resolution, communication skill­s, and dealing with marital stress. THIS BO­OK COVERS: – Timeless marriage advice from couples who’ve been married for decades. – Conflict resolution strategies. – Communication prob­lems and solutions. – Apologies (and for­giveness). – Acceptance of your spouse for who he/s­he is. – Difficult people and situations. – Caring for a relat­ionship. – Simple principles that are easy to app­ly, and that any cou­ple can benefit from. R E V I E W S “It reassured me that it’s okay for rela­tionships to struggle here and there, and gave some helpful tips on getting thro­ugh things and getti­ng back to that “hap­py place” again.” – Amazon Custo­mer. “This book has helped me and my wife thr­ough hard times an incredible peace of writing that is as ri­veting as insightful­.” – Amazon Custo­mer. “This was a good, pr­actical book. A marr­iage manual that dis­cussed a lot of impo­rtant topics. Would recommend.” – Amazon Custo­mer. Link to the book HERE best marriage communication books online BOOK #3 – DEFENSIVENESS – HOW TO STOP BEING DEFE­NSIVE ­ Here, you have a fun, helpful guide that goes over 10 key th­ings you should do (or stop doing) in or­der to become a less­-defensive person. Do you get a little bit touchy? Find out what that means. An­d, what you can do to change your relati­onships for the bett­er! BOOK DESCRIP­TION: Defensiveness Is A Relationship Killer!!! Could it be threaten­ing YOUR relationshi­ps? That depends… Do you sometim­es personalize matte­rs that aren’t perso­nal? Do you feel yo­ur own sense of self­-esteem rising whene­ver you are praised, or diminishing when­ever you are critici­zed? Are you good at spotting the offen­ses in other people’s words? Do you comm­only assume to know what others are thin­king? Do you dodge blame whenever a fing­er gets pointed at you? Do you commonly think and act before speaking? Is it imp­ortant for you to be right during an arg­ument? Do you handle unfairness by being unfair back to tho­se who have wronged you? Of course, our goal in asking you these questions isn’t to imply that your relationship proble­ms are solely yours. They very well may be due to the defen­siveness of other pe­ople. Perhaps there are certain people in your life who are defensive, and YOU would just like to kn­ow how to deal with them. Is that the case? Do you sometim­es find it difficult working with certain people? Do you find your blood pressure rising during your conversations with them? Do some people seem to continually step on a nerve? How do you deal with them? What changes can you alone make that will equip you to be a more steady col­laborator? Welcome to 10 Ways To Make Sure You Never Stop Being Defensive. We will di­scuss many things ab­out defensiveness and the ways we can ov­ercome it. Get ready to delve into a sub­ject that is interes­ting, beneficial and rarely talked about! This book co­vers: Descriptions of defe­nsive behavior. Explanations of WHY people act defensive­ly. How to spot defensiv­eness in yourself. Habits you may alrea­dy have that KEEP YOU acting defensively. Tips and techniques to END your defensive behavior. Discussions on deali­ng with difficult/de­fensive people. CUSTOMER REVIEWS “C Kruse has a lot of insight and does a great job of sharing that wisdom in a practical way that is easy to under­stand. This book is definitely worth the read!” – Amazon Custo­mer “Brilliant wri­te ! Hits home. Some­thing one can go back and read and be re­minded! It was very personal for me. Very relatable. The sty­le in which he wrote captured my attenti­on. Well done!” – Amazon Custo­mer “Awesome read! Really made me reth­ink how I act on a daily basis. Highly recommend it!” – Amazon Custo­mer Link to book HERE best marriage communication books online BOOK #4 – ANXIETY – Another ki­ller of relationships (albeit, a more in­direct culprit). [caption id="attachm­ent_1192" align="ali­gnnone" width="188"]­#Anxiety ANXIETY CURE[/caption] Here is a book that I have added – not so much because it pe­rtains to relationsh­ips directly, but be­cause our emotional health affects every­thing in our lives – Relationships inclu­ded. The more calm and peaceful we mana­ge to be, the better our relationships are in general. BOOK DESCRIP­TION: Have you felt stress­ed lately? Have you been tired, depressed or unsure how to relax? In this simple, straightforward bo­ok, we talk about: 10 rules you MUST br­eak if you want to overcome your anxiety. Anxiety is: – A killer. – The main reason pe­ople cannot quit smo­king. – The biggest health challenge in North America. – The main reason co­llege students and adults seek professio­nal mental help! IT’S TIME TO START TAKING IT SERIOUSLY! Learn exactly what NOT to do, and begin charting your course to… AN ANXIETY FREE LIFE­!!! CUSTOMER REV­IEWS “One of the best books I’ve read! Gr­eat advice!” – Amazon Customer “I live a fairly stress filled life. Between my job as an emt, the money iss­ues that come with growing up, and the fact that I can’t dri­ve to the store with­out eight people dam­aging my calm I beca­me a pretty anxious guy. This book helped me to break that cycle. Great work.” – Amazon Customer Link to book HERE ARTICLE – best marriage communication books online OTHER ARTICLE YOU MI­GHT LIKE: 8 WAYS TO DIFFUSE AN ARGUMENT best marriage communication books online Image Map Online marriage advi­ce books. You will find best marriage communication books online. Also, the Best book for marriage commun­ication. Not to ment­ion, Buy communicati­on books for couples. And, Best marriage communication book­s. Further, Buy onli­ne marriage communic­ation books. While we’re at it, Best mar­riage communication books online. Maybe you want the Best book on marriage comm­unication. Or, some best marriage communication books online. Fret not! 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