To Blame a Sunset – Audiobook

audible[button font_size=”20″ color=”#c8232b” text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”check-circle” url=”″ width=”” target=”_blank”]Buy here[/button] We often can’t even explain what we’re feeling. On rare occasions, we can. But it’s even far more rare for us to really understand why we feel the way we do. We often blame our spouses for the way they make us feel. We blame money because it’s the subject that all the tense feelings center around.

But what is the real culprit and how often do we really see it?
This book takes you on an introspective journey into the human heart. If you’ve felt a sense of emptiness in life…if you’ve wondered where the joy has gone, as well as the peace and purpose you once knew, then I invite you to join me on this journey. This series will be an adventure that’s beneficial in many ways.
This book is great for small groups and bible study groups, or for you to simply enjoy beneath the shade of your favorite tree. Welcome to the adventure. Let’s explore the heart together.