Are relationships necessary?


How badly do we really need relationships?  Are friendship and companionship really necessary? Are strong bonds as crucial as some people have made them out to be?

At times, we’ve all heard relationships being called necessities – ranked alongside other essential things, such as air or food or water.  And yet, throughout seasons of our lives, many of us have carried on just fine despite our vitamin R deficiencies. Have we been putting ourselves at risk?

While a lot of what’s said on this topic is subjective and debatable, we could learn something by looking at what the common conclusions tell us – that relationships do indeed give us a sense of belonging.  They are useful and helpful in many circumstances. They can relieve us of the pain of feeling alone. They can do a lot to aid us in our quests for personal growth and fulfillment.

The interesting thing is that they are beneficial – not just for those more obvious ways that we easily recognize, but also, for the ways they make our lives more difficult.  As it turns out, a bit of pain is associated with growth. Living an isolated life is, in many ways, quite easy; learning to work together in a team with somebody else requires true stretching and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

How would you rate your relationships? Do you feel that they’ve been helping you grow?  Or, have they been causing you the unhealthy type of pain? Whatever your response, the solution is the same – if you feel your relationships could be better, you can make them better.

One problem is that many of us feel incapable of improving our relationships.  We wait for others to the improving. We sit by our phones, sulking, wondering why no one is calling.  We think we are at the mercy of our natures – since we aren’t natural-born extroverts, there’s not much we can do.  All of these beliefs are misconceptions.

The truth is that you can grow in your relationships.  You aren’t doomed to the limits of your perceived weaknesses.  You can make your relationships as strong as you want them to be.  And, as beneficial to your personal development, your sense of belonging, and your overall joy in life.

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