A great marriage doesn't happen because of the love you had in the beginning…

But by how well you continue building that love until the end…
A great marriage
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Practice Makes Harmony.
What is it? A 2-hour long compilation of non-stop great stories, relatable marriage scenarios and experienced advice from the terrific married people in my life… some, who’ve been married for decades. I’ve taken all of the wisdom they’ve shared with me, and compiled it into a book, summarizing its key-points and lessons in such a way that I believe any couple would benefit by it. The small amount of feedback I’ve gotten so far has been really good and encouraging… but that’s not enough! It’s bound to get dusty on the Amazon shelves and stay undiscovered forever, unless you help. So, your help would be HUGE. Even if you’re not married, that’s okay. I’d still love to hear your thoughts on this book!
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