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June 11, 2011

American Author C. J. Kruse Announces His New Self-Help Book “A Guide on How to Calm Down”

 J. Kruse is set to debut his new self-help book in time for National Panic Awareness

New Orleans, LA – June 11, 2019 – American author and self-help guru C J Kruse is set to debut his latest self-help book, “A Guide on How to Calm Down: Quickly. Effectively. Before You Do or Say Something Stupid!,  published by Absolute Author Publishing House on June 18, 2019. “I chose this date for my book launch because it is also the National Panic Attack Awareness Day,” Kruse told Dr. Melissa Caudle, author and senior editor with Absolute Author Publishing House who had the pleasure of editing Kruse’s book. “This book is inspiring, and anyone who reads it will be able to use the guidelines and techniques Kruse provides,” Caudle said. “Kruse knows what he is talking about.”

According to the book’s blurb, this book is meant to help others. Have you ever experienced a panic attack, an anxiety attack, or road rage? Do you feel overwhelmed when you are out of control? Have you ever said anything in a moment of anger that you regretted? If you answered yes, this book can offer you a reprieve.

“I wrote this book to help others who need help when they are out of control,” Kruse said. “I know lots of people need help other than through medication or lengthy counseling and wanted to give them hope.” The book isn’t intended to replace proper medical diagnosis or treatment, but rather to provide practical techniques to help someone to calm down.

When Caudle first read Kruse’s book, she was dealing with multiple crises in her family. Not only was her mother hospitalized with pneumonia, but one sister was too, and the other was on the verge. “I was frustrated with the medical team and felt they weren’t doing everything they could,” Caudle said. “I was about to verbally lose it if another doctor or nurse told me they were doing everything they could. However, I remembered some of the advice and techniques Kruse wrote in his book and applied them. I calmed down.” You know a book is unique when it can move you to change your behavior. “This is exactly what this book does,” Caudle said.



Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Twirl your fidget spinner a few more times. Try to disguise your fury with another fake, forced smile. Is it helping? Or, does it all just feel like another futile attempt to stop that speeding freight train of emotions within you, threatening to flatten your peace of mind like a pancake?

You have a split second to decide how you’ll react. What will you do? Or, to put it a better way, how will it end? With you, victorious? Standing at the finish line, looking back on your course of action with pride and satisfaction? Or, with you, picking up the pieces of another relationship, project, or bridge that you’ve burnt down? Right now, you’re not sure. You just have one question:


Why does it so often feel like an IMPOSSIBLE feat to regulate your emotions? Wouldn’t it be nice to be just a little more in control? Wouldn’t your life be better? Good news… it’s possible.

Think for just a moment about all the situations where this ability would come in oh-so-handy:

  • When you’re at the supermarket, and your kids are screaming, causing a scene, and everyone in the store is looking at you like you’re a three-eyed Martian.
  • When you’re late for work, and some idiot is driving slow in the fast lane, texting his buddy some stupid message that just can’t wait (probably, about what he’d like to have written on his tombstone).
  • When you’re sitting behind your computer, which has just crashed for the fourth time this week, costing you HOURS of unsaved work.
  • When your spouse is acting like a know-it-all, and everything in, you’re tempted to give him the best speech you’ll ever regret.

Do you want to keep swinging a giant wrecking ball into things that you’ve worked so hard to build? Probably not. It’s time to calm down. Quickly. Effectively. Before you DO or SAY something STUPID! This book will show you how that is done.


  • 30 strategies for calming down.
  • Real-life stories and helpful, practical examples.
  • Insights as to WHY we get worked-up, and why it’s SO HARD to calm down.
  • Inspiration and incentives to CALM DOWN (when you’d rather stay upset).
  • The benefits of being able to stay calm.
  • The disadvantages of NOT being able to stay calm.
  • Fun commentary and opportunities for personal discovery.
  • Guidance to GET BACK IN CONTROL of your situation, your happiness, and your life!
  • Much, much more!

If you’re looking for quick ways to calm down, then swallow your pride. Admit you have room for growth. It’s time to start sitting in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than allowing your emotions to take the wheel!

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C J Kruse is a father, husband, musician, and writer of self-help books, relationship books, and Christian non-fiction books. This is the first time that Kruse will publish under the banner of Absolute Author Publishing House. For more information, you can visit Kruse’s website at or