5 ways to CALM YOURSELF DOWN when your anxiety is getting the better of you.

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to feel anxious. We typically have too much to do with too little time, and not enough money to get it done.  Life happens at a scary pace, and we’re often still trying to play catch-up as new challenges keep getting added to our list.
On top of this, many of us aren’t getting enough sleep or exercise. Nor are we eating right.  The result is that a lot of us tend to deal with chronic stress or anxiety, and we find ourselves in situations where it can almost feel like we’re drowning.
The good news is that there are some measures we can take.  Here, we’ll discuss 5 things that people can do CALM DOWN when anxiety is attacking.  They are:

  1. Breathe – Sometimes, the problem with anxiety is that it causes us to be somewhere other than in the present moment. We are either regretting something in the past, or dreading something in the future.  Simply take a moment to close your eyes and breathe.  Focus on your breaths.  Keep them deep and regular.  As you control your breathing, you indirectly control your inner-peace.
  2. Think – At the risk of sounding like a guru, the truth is that you can think of a “happy place,” so to speak, or dwell upon some thought that brings you a sense of calmness. It could be a memory from childhood.  It could be a quiet stream that you remember hiking past on your last camping trip.  Whatever it is, that thought can offer you the same sense of calmness and serenity that it offered you then.  Just think about it.  Let it be the center focus of your mind, and you will find yourself feeling better, simply by doing this.
  3. Listen – You know what moves and inspires you. You know what calms you down.  Which songs or which audiobooks put you in the right frame of mind?  Pause for a few seconds and listen to that melody or that segment of a chapter that releases some of your stress.  It will be worth it!
  4. Accept – Whenever we are experiencing anxiety, there is something we are fearing. It could be a physical or a notional threat, or some consequence of one of our actions.  We may fear the things that we have no control over.  At any rate, if we focus on the outcomes that are likely, and simply accept them, our fear loses its power over us.
  5. Talk – Sometimes, in order to get through our anxiety, it can be of significant help for us to talk through our feelings. When we voice our thoughts and feelings, we expedite the processing that we might otherwise not complete or finish quickly enough, and thusly, bring clarity to our hearts and minds.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short article, and that it brings some relief to any of the anxiety you are facing today!
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