Disclaimer: This poem is not about my father. My father is a wonderful man and did an excellent job as
a dad. This has to do with a time when my heart broke for all the people out there who did not have
what I had.
Who are you and why have you throughout my life been gone
I’ve learned to live without you, to somehow move along
Under other circumstances, a friendship we may have had
But it’s kind of hard to get past the fact… you happen to be my dad
As strangers in a park or shoppers waiting in a line
We may have found some conversation suiting us just fine
To laugh about the home town team… the victory they never had
But what makes it strange and difficult, what makes it kind of sad
Is I know that if only as words define it, you happen to be my dad
I played in sports and hoped you’d come watch, but no one ever came
To fill that vacant seat in the bleachers, empty at every game
I taught myself how to ride a bike… it’s ok, don’t feel bad
Those times in my life are so long gone when I most needed a dad
I still remember believing you had a good reason for being gone
I knew you wanted to see me.. I knew mom had to be wrong…
But she was right, and I was naive, I guess I should have known
I learned that hope is a dangerous thing… From all you’ve never shown.
When I was ten I used to imagine where you might have been
Deserted on some island, trying to make it home again
And that’s why all the letters you wrote me never reached my hands

It was easier than believing you didn’t want to be my dad
I was a boy you never knew whose childhood went by fast
Some time between now and when you left I’ve grown into a man
I guess it’s not unusual to hear of things like that
And you probably learned how not to be a father from your dad
I guess this is where we should both shake hands and go our separate ways
I’ve learned to live without you, it’d be harder if you stayed
Let’s wave and smile and go our ways as though no relation exists
A small part of me would love to give in, But the larger part resists
I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore… what I’d say to you if we met
But it still hasn’t hit me…or shouldn’t this mean… so much more to me than that?
We probably shouldn’t kid ourselves, pretending there’s more to the past…
It’s trivial as coincidence… when you add up all the facts…
You’re a stranger with the same eye color, a casual acquaintance if that…
There’s no type of bond existing that we can say we actually have….
Yeah, you happen to look like me and you happen to have my laugh
You happen to be one childhood too late
Y ou happen to be my dad