defensiveness[amazon asin=B01E0SWYME&template=add to cart] Do you find it difficult working with certain people? Do you find your blood pressure rising during conversations? Do some people just continually step on a nerve? How do you deal with them? What changes can you alone make that will equip you to be a more steady collaborator?

Welcome to 10 Ways To Make Sure You Never Stop Being Defensive. We will discuss the many things about defensiveness and the ways we can overcome it.
And, as the title suggests, we will also talk about the ten rules to follow if your goal is to stay defensive forever. Those rules are:
1. Personalize Matters That Aren’t Personal.
2. Make All Matters Into Matters Of Worthiness.
3. Look For Offenses In Everything.
4. Assume To Know What Others Are Thinking.
5. Dodge The Blame.
6. Always Speak And Act Before Thinking.
7. Do Not Be Self Aware.
8. Do Not Hear The Message Behind The Words.
9. Always Be Right.
10. Never Take Any Crap From Anyone.
Get ready to delve into a subject that is interesting, beneficial and rarely talked about!